What type of real estate transactions does your company advance on?

We advance on firm residential deals only.

I am the Broker of Record, why should I support your services?

We do not hold the broker responsible for an advance received by one of his or her sales people. In the event that an advance is taken on a sale that doesn't close, it is the sales person’s responsibility to replace the funds.

Requesting advances on commissions is common. Brokers who provide this type of service personally are forced to draw on their own lines of credit, which can create an unfavorable situation if a sale falls through. With Commission Advancing, Brokers now have an option that they can easily recommend with no risk or liability.

What areas do you advance in?

Anywhere in Canada, excluding Quebec.

Is there a minimum advance or charge amount?

There is a $75 minimum however no admin fees.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Commission Advancing is in accordance with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. All information is held in strict confidence.

How is the daily fee calculated?

For every $1000 advanced you will be charged a daily fee of .75 cents. For a free quotation on price, please call 647-350-7070.

Is there a reserve fund or hold backs?

No! Commission Advancing adds 10 days to the maturity date which allows a period for your office to process and pay out commissions. This is to protect you in case there is a delay in the closing or payout of the transaction.

What happens if my deal does not close?

The fee structure remains unchanged and you are responsible to pay back the outstanding amounts.

Do you offer preferred rate plans?

Please join our mailing list or Facebook page and receive insider discounts and promotions. Refer a friend for an advance and we will pay you $25 or receive $50 off your next advance!

How can payment be remitted to Commission Advancing?

Your Brokerage (i.e. Broker or Administrator) will have received a Confirmation of Funding from us outlining the monetary amounts of the advance. They may remit payment via Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer and Direct Deposit.

Do I need an Account to Apply?

Yes, you must register for an account before you may apply for your first advance.

Does my Broker need to register with your company before I can request my first Advance?

Yes, your Broker must be registered in our system before you can apply.

How much can I advance at one time?

Up to 90% of your net commission up to $10,000. Deals over $10,000 are underwritten on a case by case basis and may be subject to an insurance charge.

What are the payment options for my advance?

You may choose to have the funds directly deposited into your account, cheque, or choose to receive a pre-paid VISA or Master Card with the amount of your advance on it. If you choose to receive your commission through one of our pre-paid credit cards you will receive a $25 discount on your next advance.

Is my advance tax deductible?

Yes, your advance is a business expense and a portion can be used as a write off.

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